Venus in Virgo - Natal and Transit

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo - Natal and Transit

Ugh, nitpicky Virgo.

Have you heard that? I just read those words on the socials yesterday, in celebration of the planetary goddess of Love moving into the sign of the nagging, nitpicker. Fuuuuuuun.

I thought “Wow are people really still saying this?” LOLOL I do live under a moss-covered rock from time to time.

Here’s the thing. The reason astrology is such a powerful tool in the life of a mystic is because of the gift of radical understanding. If we can understand the why, we can often work better with the what and how.

Yes, in the Virgo trash can there is nagging. There is also nitpicking, perfectionism, criticizing, and the ability to leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake.

Do you know why though? If you have your natal Venus in Virgo or you love someone who does, you will want to understand this.

It’s because they are absolutely TERRIFIED of being trapped in some humdrum, lifeless relationship and/or creative avenue. They are entirely unable to settle for a situation that doesn’t evolve. If they do, their skin will burn off. Not literally of course, but the experience of feeling static is not dissimilar for a person with their natal Virgo Venus. It will eat them up inside!

The trash can behaviors are an attempt to create some change so situations and relationships can get better (even if it’s already great, they’re hungry for more), or they are an attempt to get some reassurance that there will be some evolution, some growth. A common misunderstanding is that Virgo energy is about perfectionism and it’ll never be good enough if it isn’t perfect RIGHT NOW. This usually isn’t the case! The thing that is needed RIGHT NOW is simply some effort put toward growth and reciprocity. That’s literally it. Baby steps are totally fine!

Natal Venus in Virgo folks are usually pretty skilled at the care and feeding of a partner, both literally and metaphorically. If they trust that you are committed to growth in the relationship, they can be utterly devoted and will express their love through thoughtful acts of service and by actually making your life a whole lot better, just in general. They do appreciate others being giving to them, although they might not ask for it directly.

As artists they can be incredibly critical of their own work, yet will put in the hours to become masterful. They have a creative laser-beam vision that is both detail- oriented and can visualize the end product.

Discriminating, often with great taste and wit, the earthy Virgo energy can absolutely be a beautiful placement when deeply understood, not to mention they are generally good with money and won’t overspend on frivolities.

When Venus is transiting the sign of Venus, as she does for 4-5 weeks once every year or so, give or take a month or two, this energy is available in the collective, for all of us. It’s a great time to see if you have a plan for attaining the next level in your relationships, your finances, and your creativity.

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