Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

When the planet of love, beauty, creativity, and our resources is in Aries, an adventure is at hand! The energy is invigorating, adventurous, pioneering, and even a little bit competitive. Romantic feelings and desires are easily aroused, but may take some effort to maintain after the initial rush has subsided. Aries loves to start things, but finishing them… not so much.

In Aries, Venus loves a challenge. She thrives on the thrill of the chase and conquest. She wants to feel powerful and alive. She isn’t interested in experiences that are predictable and wants to feel surprised. She wants to see sparks fly, whether it be in the bedroom, on the easel, or even in conflict.

She would rather argue than simmer in resentment. She would rather take a risk than wonder “what if.”

This is because on a deeper level, Venus in Aries wants to experience how to process pure cardinal fire in the realms she rules, such as love and creativity. Cardinal energy is creative and represents an initiation. In the case of Aries, this is the thrill of the first breath of life. The initiation of life itself and the sheer exhilaration of the potency of existence is what she values. This represents the initiation from consciousness being the most dissipated it can be (imagine the space our consciousness inhabits just before we are born) into the most self-specific it can be. It marks the beginning of a new cycle.

In practical terms, Venus in Aries may poke the bear or stir the pot if things are too peaceful. It may feel very uncomfortable to her if life is too “settled.” So whether this is natal Venus or Venus is transiting Aries for the all of us to experience, it’s good to remember that the deeper purpose is about it being safe to feel, experience, and express anger, passion, directness, and courage in the face of unknown risk.

Aries rules the head and face and often bestows those with this natal placement with beautiful faces, even baby-faced round cheeks glowing will charm and allure. Some of our most famous (and most pursued) icons have Venus in Aries, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, Rihanna, Jack Nicholson, and Katherine Hepburn.

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