Natal Venus in Taurus & The Mystical Journey of Venus Through the Decans of Taurus


Natal Venus in Taurus

You are steadfast, grounded, and loyal in love, especially if you have a partner who is warm and affectionate. You are very sensually oriented and need lots of touching and physical affection. You can experience depths of pleasure from your physical senses in a way that can be transcendent and ecstatic. You enjoy being pampered with a good meal, loving massage, or other sensual delights, but are also pragmatic and appreciate simple pleasures. You are an attentive and warm lover, very focused on the comfort and enjoyment of your partner. You are tremendously responsive to beauty and physical appearances in both people and your environment. Possibly slow to commit due to the level of devotion you have to offer, you lean heavily on your core values and need to make sure you and your partner are compatible.


The Mystical Journey of Venus Through the Decans of Taurus

When Venus transits Taurus, we as the human collective have the opportunity to notice what is missing in our value system. The 5 of Coins is the tarot card that represents the first decan of Taurus. During this first cardinal phase, if we remain cool-headed, we can use this energy to see where there are “cold spots” in our self-love and our core values. This is how we teach others how to treat us. This can be an uncomfortable and confronting exercise, but if we devote ourselves to this work, we only stand to benefit.

The 2nd decan of Taurus is represented by the 6 of Coins. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the 6s represent beauty, balance, and act as the portal through which all spiritual energy must pass in order to become manifest. In this we have the opportunity to harmonize our relationships with giving and receiving. With what we’ve learned from the 5 of Coins, we can now alchemize with grounded, balanced flow of resources both tangible and non-tangible. We truly do receive what we give only when our values are in alignment with the highest level of respect for self and others.

The 7 of Coins holds the energy for the 3rd decan of Taurus where we have the energies of victory through endurance and careful planning of our path from here. Imagine now that you’ve arrived at a new level of life experience. Your life actually represents YOU so much more than it did before. So now what? Back to the same old routine? Certainly not. This journey of love and living a life in harmony with your values is only beginning. I don’t know about you, but I’m grabbing this chai latte with coconut milk and whipped cream and planting some seeds that I will nurture with my sweat, tears from laughter, and puppy kisses. This is where we plan our empire, one that nurtures us. One we can rule from a place of overflowing cups.

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