Synastry Aspects for Soulmates - Sun Conjunct North Node

First I need to give a little disclaimer. When I say “soulmate” I really mean whatever word you use for that deep soul-connected type of relationship. It's the kind that gets you in the guts. Some people say soul mate, some people say twin flame, divine partner, life partner, so just use whatever word you like. There are so many ideas about what these deeply moving relationships are and I'm not here to debate semantics with anybody.

I also want to mention that when it comes to synastry, it's like a grand recipe and each synastry connection that we look at is a different ingredient in that grand recipe. So in other words, even though each ingredient in the recipe is important and gives flavor to the whole recipe, you can't single out each ingredient and sort of put an umbrella over the relationship or the recipe. If that makes sense. For example, if you have a synastry chart where all the soulmate indicators are there, everything looks amazing except someone has an unaspected Sun. Now you may not know what that means and that's okay I will get to that later on... but that totally changes it. So we need to look at it as a whole after we look at it individually.

Astrological symbol for the Sun

First let's talk about what the Sun is in astrology. The Sun is, you know, what's your sign? I'm a Virgo. What's your sign? I'm a Leo. We all know what that is as a culture, but it's actually much deeper than that. Your Sun Sign is the filter that your soul has chosen to shine itself through in this life.  If you imagine our solar system, the Sun is at the center and we have all of the other planets and asteroids in orbit. The Sun is not only the vehicle your soul is using as its filter and its expression in this life, the Sun shines its filter through all of the planets. So all of your other planetary aspects have the Sun's filter through it as well. Does that make sense? The Sun is also our ego, and a lot of people see the word ego as a bad thing. You know, you've got to get rid of your ego to be really spiritual. I really want to challenge that idea because our ego is our personality and without a personality... I mean, why would we even be here? It would be so boring if nobody had a personality. That's all the ego is. It's just that filter and we need that in order to interact with regular life on planet earth. So it's not a bad thing. You know, we all can have and do have shadow sides to our personality, shadow sides to our Sun Sign and managing that is what I would encourage you to think of when people say "deal with your ego."

Astrological symbol for the North Node

Now let's talk about the North Node. The Sun is not a planet. In astrology it's called a luminary and the North Node isn't a planet either. It's actually an imaginary point. It's the point where the moon's orbit and the ecliptic meet at the moment of your birth. The North Node is part of an axis called the nodal axis. In my work with synastry I work with four axes and the nodal axis is one of them. It's sometimes called the karmic axis, which gives you some clues as to what its significance is, and in Vedic Astrology the North node is called Rahu. Sometimes it's referred to as the head of the dragon. Sometimes you'll also see it called the true node.

 The North Node gives us clues about what our soul wants to do in this lifetime. It's out of our comfort zone. It's like our lighthouse, the north to our compass. Now that sounds warm and fuzzy and it kind of is, but you know we tend to have this idea that when we're doing something we're supposed to be doing it should feel easy or should have a natural flow. A lot of times when the North node is involved, it isn't that way because it's outside of our comfort zone. It's what we haven't done yet, and that can represent some challenges when the North node is involved. In synastry that's not any different.

 So how does this feel to each person? When these two meet each other they are immediate fans of one another. There is a rapport between them that is undeniable, and the Sun person will shine extra brightly in the presence of the North Node person. The North Node person is definitely in for an experience. The Sun person will illuminate their life path, their destiny path. If they have been off track in their life or in the direction that their soul wants to go, an encounter, this connection, this relationship will highlight that for them. The Sun person, just who they are, it's almost as if they represent what the North Node person wants to be or wants to see in the world, and it feels right to both of them. It feels like the right thing to do. It feels like the right relationship to be in. It feels right, and if you've ever experienced this conjunction, it's very unique in how deeply the knowing is that this is right.

Sun and North Node synastry meme

Now for the North Node person, depending on where they are in their soul growth or how comfortable they are with what their North Node mission is, they can be a little uncomfortable in this relationship. This is because there's no way that they can avoid their path being illuminated, and as I said before, the North Node is what we haven't done yet. It is outside our comfort zone even though it's our destiny. The Sun person will illuminate this path for them in a way that cannot be denied and cannot be ignored. If the North Node person is cool with that and has gotten to the point where they are comfortable accepting what they're supposed to do, then this will feel really good and it will be very easy to say yes to this relationship.

Now there can be a little bit of a shadow side to this. Sometimes when people are shitty to us, it pushes us on the right path. If this is a toxic connection, which would show up in other places in the chart. Now like I said before, this is just one flavor of this whole relationship. If it's a healthy connection then it's what I mentioned before. If it's a toxic connection it's almost as if the North Node person would be pushed down their path based on their experience of the trauma of this relationship. I certainly don't wish that on anyone, but other than that, this is a beautiful connection.

romantic couple sitting on a bench

Each synastry connection has its own level of potentiality for longevity, and this is a good one for long-term goodness. It doesn't just have to be a romantic relationship, either. This can be parent and child, friends, or siblings. The basics that I described will be the same across all of your relationships, but if we're talking about a romantic relationship, this this is a good sign that the two can work together as a team. The Sun person can't help but be who they are. They are authentic in the presence of the North Node person. The North Node person feels like they're on the right path and together it just feels right. There's a magnetism, a psychic bond, and they were definitely destined to encounter each other.

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  • Is there any significance if you and your partner have each other’s suns as North nodes?

  • Hi,
    I am curios about the North Node making aspects with lots of planets in syhastry. NN trine venus, moon, mars, square mercury, sextile jupiter, conjunct Ascendent, sqare MC, trine Vertex, inconjunct saturn, uranus, neptune. What does it mean?
    Thank you.

  • Hi,
    I am curios about the north node making a lot of aspects in syhastry chart. NN trine venus, moon, sun, mars, jupiter and vertex and conjunct AC. What does it mean?
    Thank you

  • Nimue – Hard lessons aren’t they! I’m so sorry you experienced so much pain in this friendship. For most of us, that’s how we learn though and even though it sucks in the moment, if we become better and wiser, it’s the gift.

    Nicole – I’d look at Pluto hard aspects. Conjunctions, oppositions, and squares.

    Galactic Mystic (Ananda)
  • Thank you so much for this article!! I’m a NN person recovering from a long term friendship with this aspect. I’m curious what some examples of aspects would be that could indicate this would be a toxic relationship? My sun is square their moon, which is what seems to be sticking out to me but curious what else I should maybe look for?


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