The Composite Chart Sun - Through the Houses

The Composite Sun through the houses

The Composite Sun

In our individual natal charts, the Sun represents our vital essence, the filter our soul uses to express itself in this life. In the composite chart, the chart of the relationship as its own being, the Sun represents the vital essence of the relationship.

The composite Sun tells us what the relationship needs in order to stay alive and thrive. Tending to its needs gives the relationship strong bones and resilience to the natural ups and downs of life and love.

The SIGN of the Composite Sun tells us HOW the relationship likes to get its vitality. You can read about the Composite Sun through the signs HERE.

The HOUSE placement of the Composite Sun tells us WHERE in life the relationship likes to get its life force.

Understanding the needs of the composite Sun is one of the most important shifts to make in conscious partnering and in all close relationships because sometimes keeping the composite Sun happy depletes the individual somehow. Often there are ways to work with it though if you have the awareness! That’s what it’s all about.

 The Composite Sun Through the Houses

Composite Sun in 1st House

If the Composite Sun is in the 1st House, there will be a focus on this relationship. I mean, for the 2 people IN the relationship it will be a very impactful connection, but even other people will take notice of this pairing. This pair will have a bit of a spotlight on their bond, for better or worse, whether they like it or not. They may not even be aware of how much other people take notice and are influenced by them because the relationship takes so much of THEIR focus, if you know what I mean! It’s strange when one feels their relationship is on display or that they as individuals are somehow more visible when they are together. Any power struggle between the two will be fueled by this placement as well as their own inner relationship with power. It’s also possible that the “real” relationship is quite different from the way it appears on the surface.

Composite Sun in 2nd House

There are so many layers to this placement, and this bond could surprise you with its depth and the lingering effect it may have on you even if the bond is broken. For this relationship to be healthy, both people have to believe in it! That may sound simple, but chances are this connection will poke at all their deepest self-worth and confidence wounds. But wait, there’s more. Assuming this is a romantic connection, the physical connection is no doubt suuuuuuper yummy which feeds the emotional bond which feeds the thoughts of commitment. In fact, much of their communication may be non-verbal in the realm of comforting or sensual delights.

Depending on their individual make-up, when they are faced with the inevitable “first offense” or big argument or whatever, will they use it as proof that the bond doesn’t have any real potential? Or will they begin the process of gathering proof as evidence that they CAN do real world bonding. The physical connection can take them far, but can it fuel them long enough to see what they need to see in order to relax in the grass together under a tree? If they can trust themselves enough, this love can bring a beautiful warmth to each heart and has solid, real potential.

Composite Sun in 3rd House

When the Composite Sun is in the 3rd House, the relationship thrives on change. Already we can see how this could be challenging to those of certain personality types! Change can be quite scary and for good reason! Our brains are wired to keep us SAFE above all else. And the known and familiar definitely can feel safer than the wild west of possibilities that exist in the unknown spectrum of things. Perhaps the ones who find themselves in this type of bond are the ones who could level up in their “embracing change” skills in a healthy way. It’s quite possible that these two tend to have a penchant for weird and unexpected situations and encounters when they are together so they should have much to talk about. They should talk and laugh together as much as possible and try every new thing that sparks their attention. At least, that’s what the Composite Sun in 3rd House would enjoy.  How this feels to the individuals depends on their own design.

Composite Sun in 4th House

With the Composite Sun in the classic house of home and family, this relationship shines through domestic bonding and offers up the relationship as “home” to the individuals involved. If this is a sexually involved relationship where pregnancy is a possibility, they really must have a diligent attitude about birth control if they don’t wish to have children due to the fertile nature of this Composite Sun placement. This is a relationship to take seriously and not to rush into if there is any hesitation or fear of commitment.

This couple is truly affected by their physical home and domestic surroundings and it must be made a priority. Humans and animals in need may find themselves at their door and if this pattern or tendency disrupts the home or the native inhabitants in a negative way, it must be handled so their sacred space can be reclaimed. Some couples NEED to nurture and heal other beings in need and that is part of their sacred domestic space. The trick is to keep the scales tipped toward harmony in the home, whatever that means to them.

We often take for granted the most beautiful and stable aspects of our lives, so this is something to be mindful of in this placement of deep, soulful connection. There can be a lifeless grayness that settles in over time. You know how it goes, familiarity becomes boredom as they tune in to the outside world less and less over time and orient to one another and the home, nest, and family. They would do well to create traditions and rituals that remind them how fortunate they are to have this stable relationship (assuming they have committed) and to make sure they’re not tooooooooo insular or codependant.

Composite Sun in 5th House

With a 5th House Composite Sun, the vitality of this relationship depends on their ability to keep the magic alive. Flirting, compliments, dressing up for regular dates, romantic gifts for no reason, if this is a romantic relationship. This doesn’t mean that reality will destroy the connection. It simply means that the injection of life force for this union is that of new lovers or new friends if this is a family or platonic relationship. What would new lovers do? What would they do if they were just getting to know each other or just falling in love? Tending the garden of their bond as if it were new, no matter how long they’ve been together is the medicine. Taking each other for granted is toxic in every relationship, but can be the quick kiss of death for these two.

This can be a high maintenance situation. Is there some shared creativity? Are there things you both love that you can do together? A strategy here is to find activities that fortify the individuals as well as the union whenever possible. Just be sure to sometimes treat the connection to its own special activities where it’s just the two of you.

Composite Sun in 6th House

When the Composite Sun is in the 6th House, this pair will be a natural team. They are more efficient when they work together and can accomplish things in their union that they probably couldn’t on their own. They may end up with a significant responsibility load because they are so frickin capable, but they do need to be sure to save some of that energy to ensure the bond is continuing to grow and improve as well. The vitality must be tended with daily maintenance, care and feeding, so their cup is full enough to get out there and make a difference.

It’s entirely possible that there is shared work between them and chances are that’s a GOOD thing because they each have skills the other lacks. Together they could share a healthier lifestyle than they could alone and may be surprised to find themselves in mentor/mentoring situations as they continue to expand their capability to be in a vitally bonded relationship.

Composite Sun in 7th House

When we are in a relationship that has the Composite Sun in the 7th House, chances are we feel some kind of way about them. There is little room here for indifference. In romantic relationships there can be a tendency to identify as the relationship or to really see the other as an extension of themselves. There can be an uncanny telepathy or unusual awareness between these two. They probably have many friends and can still hone in on each other even in a sea of people.

The issues arise when eventually it becomes obvious that there are actually two different people who are not, in fact, an extension of one another. Harmony and grace is vital to maintain so negotiation and tolerance of minor infractions is a must. Not everything needs to be talked about, but be watchful of mounting, building resentments. These are the relationship killers for the Composite Sun in the 7th House, those little things that we can’t let go of that grow bigger over time. They must extend each other grace and revel in the ways they are different.

Composite Sun in 8th House

With the Composite Sun in the 8th House, this relationship requires total naked soul-level vulnerability. They are powerful triggers for one another and will probe the depths of the psychological oceans within and drag up all the scary muck that’s hiding down there. This can be incredibly cathartic. They can experience phoenixing over and over as individuals and as a couple. This is hard work, though. It can be exhausting to say the least. To do this successfully, it will require levels of trust, humor, respect, and commitment the likes of which you’ve never seen. There’s a reason the 8th House is the traditional house of sex and death. Few things reveal our deepest psychology more that delving into these areas of taboo. In romantic relationships, the sexual connection can be doorways to magical worlds. The passion can’t be maintained by fluffy “love and light” means, it needs soul nudity. If they both have the stamina and maturity to do the deep work, the rewards will be a powerful intimate bond with loyalty like no other

Composite Sun in 9th House

With a 9th House Composite Sun, these two are on a quest. It doesn’t matter where, only that the open horizon is before them. Together they seek fresh perspectives, new experiences outside their everyday normal lives. Literal travel would light their fires, but also any metaphorical “travel” that exposes them to new and fresh people, ideas, knowledge, perspectives.

Together it will be important that they have a “code of ethics” that they develop or live by. This can take the form of religion or philosophy, but can also be things like political leanings, workaholism, science, or even atheism or nihilism.

It’s about the journey for them. A quest that has no end but continues to pull them forward because it’s so inspiring. The bond needs the truth as well as adventure so open, direct communication is a must.

Composite Sun in 10th House

It’s true that when the Composite Sun is in the 10th House that there is a possibility of public recognition. This can be in the form of the relationship being more publicly noticed or of course being in business or working together, or building a legacy. This can also manifest as the bond being looked up to by others as an example. If you can imagine one of those couples who have been together for 60 years, surrounded by their generations of family and the influence they have had, it’s kind of like that. It doesn’t mean that every couple with their Composite Sun in the 10th will achieve this, but it speaks to the serious nature of this bond. Even if the relationship doesn’t last 60 years, there’s something that they are teaching others around them, even if they don’t realize it.

If the commitment has been established, this pair can achieve great things together through focus hard work and from walking their talk. They can set the tone of a room with the way they interact, which may feel like too much responsibility at times. Again… a note about how it’s important to take this connection seriously. The impact of what happens between you could reach further than you realize.

Composite Sun in 11th House

Sometimes people worry if they are in a romantic relationship with an 11th House Composite Sun. Fears of the connection only being platonic or lack of commitment are common with any new relationship in the beginning. Where it’s true that the relationship may be built on the foundation of friendship… and that’s actually a really good thing for longevity of love, the larger community they are a part of will be important somehow.

There is also an aspect of this Composite Sun that needs the fuel that comes from shared goals and hopes for the future. It does take commitment of some form to share a goal or hope for the future, and that will be important to explore for this bond. If it doesn’t have the stamina, it’s best to find out sooner than later! So they can start with small commitments and goals and see where it take them.

Composite Sun in 12th House

Oh the dreaded 12th House Composite Sun! Truly, this has to be one of the MOST misunderstood houses of the Composite Chart. Truly, in my opinion, this is the holy grail placement for conscious partnering and sacred sexuality. In fact, I dare say this placement for the composite Sun requires it. This relationship has high stakes, no doubt, and must be treated as sacred. The relationship is their temple, their sexual bond (if it’s like that) is their prayer, mantra, doorway to the realms in between worlds.

It’s true that there may be something hidden. We have to expand how we see this though. Yes, no doubt, some heavy 12th house relationships begin as or are “affairs” or that comes into play somehow. It’s also possible that the relationship just likes privacy… because it’s a SACRED thing. Or it could be that the relationship is “in the closet” somehow due to safety issues or fear of family rejection.

Bottom line, they must grow spiritually together. Ironically they might need to make sure they are both honoring the relationship as the sacred bond it is while simultaneously self-checking that they are not attached to the point they might lose themselves. This is a tough balance to maintain though which is only possible with deep emotional and spiritual maturity. The fear of the loss of the relationship or of one another must not take them over.     

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