The Composite Sun - Through the Signs

composite sun through the signs

The Composite Sun

In our individual natal charts, the Sun represents our vital essence, the filter our soul uses to express itself in this life. In the composite chart, the chart of the relationship as its own being, the Sun represents the vital essence of the relationship. Please go here to understand more about the Composite Chart, and you can read about the Composite Sun through the houses here.

The composite Sun tells us what the relationship needs in order to stay alive and thrive. Tending to its needs gives the relationship strong bones and resilience to the natural ups and downs of life and love. Most importantly it makes the relationship a pleasure to be in! We’ve all known couples like this or have experienced this ourselves. It’s that radiance of a vital bond that makes a couple a pleasure to spend time with. The individuals grow and change and experience their own ups and downs, dark nights of the soul as they come, you know… LIFE. The BOND remains golden though because they take care of the relationship’s composite SUN.

So here is the perfect place to mention that you can see how it’s possible there could be a conflict between the relationship’s needs and the needs of one or both of the individuals. You know how a couple of really shy, introverted people can fall in love and suddenly they’re skydiving and RVing the Canadian Rockies and motorcycling cross country? It’s entirely possible for these two to be deeply, honestly in love and yet the needs of the relationship simply end up frying their nervous systems. The composite Sun starves and the spark is gone. They can still be strong, healthy, winning at life, all of it individuals…but the relationship as an entity loses its vital energy.

Understanding the needs of the composite Sun is one of the most important shifts to make in conscious partnering and in all close relationships because sometimes keeping the composite Sun happy depletes the individual somehow. Often there are ways to work with it though if you have the awareness! That’s what it’s all about.

The Composite Sun - Through the Signs

Composite Sun in Aries

With composite Sun in Aries, this relationship needs both individuals to be warriors. They must never allow fear control them. They must allow courage to fuel the fire within the heart of this bond. That sounds pretty abstract, doesn’t it. They will feel their closest when they must lean on one another and focus on a common goal. You know how it takes both people in a canoe rowing together with rhythm and power to get around the rocks in the rapids? Or how it takes you both to assemble the presents in time for Christmas morning? It’s about being on each other’s side. Us against them mentality. Bonnie and Clyde. The trick is to avoid pointing the arrows at each other… at least too often. There may be some dramatic arguments with some passionate making up if the essence of courage remains. It takes courage to admit when we are wrong. I takes courage to be vulnerable. The inner bravery is really what it’s about.

 Composite Sun in Taurus

When I think of what the home of a couple with composite Taurus Sun, I often think of a hobbit house nestled into the earth. A fireplace warming the body and soul, whaaaaat??? Hot chocolate?! Yes, please. Warm bread with butter. Really though, it’s all set up for comfort. There are probably plants and animals all over the place and these being some favorite conversation topics of these two. I definitely imagine a hound dog curled up by the fireplace. There is peace here. They play music more than watch TV. They love that they’re closest neighbors are a mile away (truly they’re really nice people and have an amazing chocolate cookie recipe). The composite Sun in Taurus prefers non-verbal expressions.  Hugs, dancing, walks around the property, sex. Too much “talking it out” can put a strain on things, yet they must not ignore problems and sweep them under the (very plush) rug. Stability, creature comforts, and peace feed the bond. Drama and bs deplete it.

Composite Sun in Gemini

The composite Sun in Gemini likes a fast pace. You probably don’t have to call before you show up on their doorstep for an impromptu game night. They’d probably love that you brought an extra guest! They might have a huge dining room table to host parties where jokes and curious conversation topics are heard in between bursts of laughter. They might play music with the TV on at the same time. They’re attracted to each other’s brains. “You brain sexy.” They might enjoy learn a language together. Banter, changing plans, surprises, “waiting to see”, conversations that create more questions, ALL THE STIMULI, and communicating well feed the composite Gemini Sun.  Thinking they’ve figured it all out, doing the same shit every day, and having no mystery will starve the bond of its vitality.

Composite Sun in Cancer

With the composite Sun in Cancer, the vitality of the bond is fed through complete and total commitment. This doesn’t mean that every couple with this composite Sun will and should be married forever and ever, but commitment, the type that both feels and ACTUALLY IS safe, will be required at some point. Taking things slowly is the best way because trust needs to be built over time, so it’s sure. When they hurt each other…. It really really hurts. If they are able to trust one another enough to “make the other their home” they will likely serve as healing refuge for weary friends in need as well as any stray animals around. They just find their way there somehow. It’s actually really badass to walk this path of radical commitment and takes a type of courage that many may miss. They put everything on the line, and the composite Sun in Cancer requires it. Without it, the intimacy and bond cannot survive.

Composite Sun in Leo

With the composite Sun in Leo, these two will want to be looking real fine for each other and go grab some dinner. They might take a latin dance class together that has them feeling like a really HOT couple. They might whisper jokes in each other’s ear and laugh and laugh. They might enjoy playing Pictionary or charades together or with friends. They might really like entertaining and throwing parties.  Any creative thing that they can do together will feed their relationship. If they were in a band or theater group? Amazing fun! Courting one another, putting effort into their appearance, comedy, flirting, taking each other’s art/music/poem/dance seriously, being generous and warm will fan the flames of their bond. Being rigid, stiff, cold, not having any fun, no sense of humor, stingy, etc. No Scrooges or Scroogery shenanengans! It’s literally like the difference between Santa Clause and Scrooge.

Composite Sun in Virgo

The vitality of this couple is reliant on the ability of the relationship to continually grow, change, and improve. Together they want to be super skilled at breaking the relationship down into the details of everything that needs improvement and a step-by-step plan to do so. The trick here is to not nitpick each other to death as criticism and relationship vitality are not the greatest of friends. Usually they see things clearly, and will be able to satisfy the growth needs of Virgo by taking step-by-step actions that continue to perfect their union. Virgo doesn’t need perfection. She just needs improvement however small while she is inspired by the vision or ideal she holds in her mind.

This couple cannot forget the service needs of Virgo as well. Does the elderly neighbor need her yard mowed? Does the food bank need volunteers? Service to others will inject a dose of vitality in to this union and give them an environment in which to really shine together.

Composite Sun in Libra

With the composite Sun in Libra, the natural sign of one-on one-relating, the vitality of this connection is heartily fed by building a relationship on the principles and logic of fairness, harmony, beauty, and mutual respect. Often they will seem like they complete each other or there is a natural balance and symmetry between them.  One is tall, one is short… or one is more artsy and the other is more logical. They seem like a natural pair and a good fit for one another. They might enjoy decorating their home with art and adding more windows for natural light. Any tendency to fight dirty or be scheming, rude, inconsiderate, or crass will hurt their connection. Not spending time one on one is a killer for this relationship. They need to light a candle at dinner or in the bedroom and connect. Romantic gestures go far as does making an attempt to create beauty. They will certainly have disagreements and should be sure to not let things be off for too long. The bond needs calm. The danger is to acquiesce too much or for them to “make nice” while not advocating for what they need as an individual. They must negotiate in order to maintain balance. Have a spine, but be nice.

Composite Sun in Scorpio

These two are powerful triggers for each other. They psycho-analyze each other and their connection to the point that it may feel like they are each other’s psychiatrist. They push each other’s buttons, get to the bottom of everything, and continually go deeper and deeper. This can be either profoundly healing or completely exhausting and fraught with drama. This relationship NEEDS the deep visceral connection and understanding of all the taboos and secrets encapsulated by their union, but not every individual has the energy for such intensity. It is important so keep humor, respect, and boundaries very active in this relationship in order to make a safe place for such revelations. Talking about relationship problems casually with others or otherwise exposing the relationship's private things can feel like a deep betrayal. The Scorpio composite Sun sometimes doesn’t forgive these things, so loyalty is a must.

Composite Sun in Sagittarius

With the composite Sun in Sagittarius, this couple is on a journey. This is a relationship that wants to feel like everything is turned to 11! The might like roller coasters, or the thrill and excitement that comes with not knowing how or when they will reach that gorgeous horizon…only that they are heading that way. They should travel far and wide and make friends with people who speak other languages. Religion or philosophy should play a big role in their lives and they may find themselves talking about these topics often. They are seekers. The bond is fed by adventure, open roads, telling the truth, feeding their senses, planning ahead, and understanding the tenets of the relatiosnhip. They should spend some time together once a year envisioning what they want their year to look like as a couple. Make it a picnic if not an international excursion. Boredom and dullness is like a cold fish slap in the face to the vitality of this relationship.

Composite Sun in Capricorn

This is a relationship (romantic or platonic) that requires mature and serious treatment. The vitality comes from treating each other with dignity and honor and conducting themselves with the highest of character. Commitment is eventually required, however that may look, and any wishy-washiness or evasive maneuvers will douse the spark super quickly. Even if this connection is short-lived, the dignity of these two will be affected by the manner in which they treat each other in the act of severing their relationship.

If these two choose to commit, there will be mountains to climb together and they can achieve much even if only in their psyches. This connection can become a living example of solid, dignified, gentle relating that others around them long to achieve in their own relationships. Not taking the relationship seriously, being irresponsible and lazy are the antithesis to passionate bonding for this relationship.

Composite Sun in Aquarius

I’ve worked with many people who came to me very worried about Aquarius placements in their composite chart. They fear the relationship is doomed to be noncommittal or worse. All astrological energies must manifest somehow. This is where it can be so important to understand the composite Sun, especially in this case. With the composite Sun in Aquarius it isn’t that commitment is impossible, not at all. It simply means that there will be at least ONE thing about the relationship that is and NEEDS to be unconventional as far as what the normie world thinks a relationship needs to be and look like. Perhaps they are wildly committed and monogamous but live in separate homes. Perhaps they live in on a boat! Maybe they invent something amazing and live on the road selling their creation. Maybe they never get actually married. Maybe they live off-grid in a yurt raising heritage peacocks. So the trick is… if you have an Aquarius Sun in your relationship composite and you don’t know what the unconventional thing is…experiment! With rules, of course. Aquarius energy loves to experiment! Caring too much about what others think, trying to fit in, and being too traditional will have the vitality of the bond falling flat.

Composite Sun in Pisces

With the composite Sun in Pisces, this relationship thrives on quiet time together. Moonlit walk, candles, even a meditation or yoga class would feed this need of sacred solitude. The relationship is their temple and must be treated as sacred. They really shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and may be able to suddenly “see beyond” whatever they’re fighting about and just snap out of it. This is a dreamy love. They may feel as though they are in another world together and are the only ones who exist. The danger in such a hypnotic seduction like this obvious. They can feel their love and passion for one another by treating their love as a sacred being. They may enjoy night swimming together. They should take care that they don’t put each other on a pedestal tooooooo too high. It is romantic to idealize each other, but ultimately everyone wants and needs to be loved and cherished for who and what they really are. True love comes from true knowledge of one another so no self-delusions are allowed in a vital, bonded composite Pisces Sun relationship.

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